Imperial Reprise

(2011 Bay Gelding)

Imperial Reprise 1 Imperial Reprise 2 Imperial Reprise 3
By Milan ex Joan's Girl (Supreme Leader)

Imperial Reprise was first offered for syndication in 2014 when we purchased him as a three year old store horse. After a short time in pre-training he developed an issue on his front joints as the bone began to suffer from progressive deformity. Having refunded or moved the owners into another horse we were forced to consider the worst possible outcome. We were determined to give him the best care if he could have, irrespective of whether he was ever able to undertake a career in racing. Against vet nary advice we persevered and allowed him to recuperate for 2 years. During that time the bone deformity stabilised and there are few signs that he ever had any issues remaining. Our intial hope was that he would make a nice pet or riding horse. Remarkably he has been in pre-training for several months and has shown decent ability in his home work, so he will be going racing soon. He will be trained by Colin McBratney and shares are offered on a lease basis, with no upfront cost and only the monthly upkeep fees to pay.